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Water Damage and Mold Removal in Farmington

911 Restoration Water Damage

As a home or commercial building owner in Farmington, Arkansas, it’s vital to take proper care of your property as it may be one of the largest investments you make during your life. However, even the most proactive property owners can have significant damage occur to their house, office building, or retail store. Whether from natural disasters such as a severe storm or flood, or man-made ones, including a burst pipe, flooded basement, or ceiling leak, significant damage can strike anytime, anywhere. we provide water damage restoration services in Northwest Arkansas. call 911 restoration now.

One of the biggest hurdles property owners in Farmington can face includes indoor flooding. It may be hard to believe, but every state in America, including Arkansas, has experienced some type of flooding during the last decade. Heavy rain, melting snow, or strong storms can wreak havoc on your property. Mother Nature isn’t the only reason why flooding can occur. Sewer backups, bad sprinkler systems, sewer backups, or broken pipes can all cause water damage inside of your home.

Thankfully, 911 Restoration of Northwest Arkansas can help you swiftly and efficiently clean up the damage left behind from a flood.

Water Damage Restoration in Farmington

You may think that water damage inside of your home or commercial property is easy to spot. Wouldn’t there be water up to your ankles that you’d have to wade through? Unfortunately, pinpointing water damage can be a lot trickier than you originally thought it was.

Some signs of water damage inside your home can include:

  • Damp odors: Moist surfaces or areas of your home can begin to give off a musty or mildewy smell.
  • Stains and discoloration: Many times, you will notice damage from the leak behind your walls. The leak can reveal itself as staining or discoloration in the wall’s paint or wallpaper. This can happen when the surface gets wet and then intermittently dries.
  • Cracking and Peeling Paint: If your building’s ceiling or wall cannot dry out completely, you may not notice any staining or discoloration. Instead, the drywall itself will start to swell and crack. The culprit behind peeling or cracking paint is a consistent leak or other plumbing troubles.
  • An extremely high water bill: One sign that you may have water damage inside of your home or retail store is a utility bill that is higher than normal. If your water bill suddenly increases dramatically, you should have a professional inspect your building.
  • Mold: Lastly, mold will be present in your home if you have a water problem. This microscopic organism thrives in moist, dark environments.

If you notice any of these signs of water damage, it is important to contact 911 Restoration of Northwest Arkansas right away.

Immediate Mold Decontamination Services in Your Area

911 Restoration Water Damage

As we stated earlier, one of the surefire signs of water damage or basement flooding inside of your home is mold. While it’s mostly harmless and even somewhat helpful in nature, mold can cause many costly troubles once it enters into your building.

Not only will mold look and smell disgusting, but it can also seriously damage your building’s structural integrity. Mold eats away at any surface it grows on, causing your building to become weak. It can also cause numerous health issues, mostly in young children or seniors.

Some signs that your building may be in need of mold remediation include:

  • Your heating or air conditioning smells musty.
  • You have discoloration on your walls, floors, or ceiling that are gray, black, brown, green, or yellow.
  • Your wallpaper is bubbling or peeling.
  • You are suddenly coughing, sneezing, or wheezing.
  • You have heightened asthma or allergy symptoms.

If you think that your home needs mold inspection and mold removal services, it’s vital that you call 911 Restoration now. Thankfully, we have a 45-minute response time and can be at your door 24/7/365.

Swift and Sympathetic Fire Damage Restoration Services

911 Restoration Fire Damage

Not only do we specialize in water damage restoration and mold cleanup, but we also can help you with your fire cleanup needs as well. If your home has recently suffered from smoke damage, Northwest Arkansas can help.

Best of all, our services are both swift and sympathetic. Our “fresh start” approach enables us to always put your first. If you want the best customer service during your time of need, be sure to call us today.

From mold decontamination and smoke removal to water damage restoration, Northwest Arkansas does it all. If your house or commercial property was struck by disaster, allow us to help you resolve the problem. Servicing the cities of Bentonville, Cave Springs, Farmington, Fayetteville, Lowell, Rogers, Springdale, and the surrounding areas.

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