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Going on a Vacation? Here’s How You Can Reduce the Risk of Fire Damage

Published by 911 Restoration Northwest Arkansas on February 16, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration Risk of Fire DamageHaven’t we all heard of a horror story where someone returned from their holiday and experienced their most dreaded nightmare come true – the burning down of their dream house? It is not the most ideal situation to be in as it will have you regretting it your entire life, and you will constantly wonder how that could’ve been avoided. 


Even though fire protection is the final thing you should have on your mind while on vacation, it is important to ensure you take all the necessary steps beforehand to reduce the risk of fire damage while you’re away. Protecting your home and your precious ones behind is critical, confirming that your home is safe and that you have one when you get back, you must follow these simple yet effective tips. 


Let’s go through all the necessary tips to reduce the risk of fire damage while you’re out vacationing! 


Disconnect All Electronics

It is no surprise that electrical appliances have a higher chance of setting your house on fire. Most of these arise due to faulty cords or ancient sockets and holders. To avert this from happening, you must look for all broken cords, distressed wires, along with wires that have outpouring marks before you leave for your vacation. 


If you spot an unprotected wire – it is best to unplug all connected devices and instantly replace them. It will help you get into the practice of replacing old and damaged wires and will help you remember to unplug your devices, such as TVs, lamps, etc., when you leave the house. It will reduce your chances of a fire along with reducing your electricity bill. 

Remove Firewood Or Leaves From Or Nearby Your House

It is advised to inspect your house and the nearby areas or wood and plants. Ensure that both these items are not in or anywhere near your house. And if they are and a fire breaks out, they will only be fuel to the fire. If you burn your firewood every night, refrain from discarding hot ashes nearby or anywhere in your house – it is best to keep an iron container so that you can throw these away when they are cold. 


A clever idea would be to keep a metal container at a gap from your house to avoid mishaps. In addition, ensure that your lawn is well-maintained so that a grass fire doesn’t break out, leading to the whole house burning down. 

All Explosive Items Should Be Stored Safely

It is imperative to ensure that you are not leaving behind any explosive materials in the house in different locations. These items should be stored in a comparatively cooler and dry place so that there are fewer chances of them blowing up while you’re gone. Items such as hairsprays and shaving creams can be very dangerous when exposed to intense heat, so ensure that you stock them carefully before leaving the house. 


Some people tend to keep hazardous and explosive liquids in their homes. If you’ve got gasoline, propane, or kerosene in your house, don’t take the risk of keeping it at home. Pile them outdoors in their containers so that there are minimum risky things in the house. 

Ensure All Candles Are Blow Out

As per the NFPA, burnt candles at home are among the most common causes of houses catching fire. While it is enticing to light a candle or two in the fall season or when you leave for an outing to find a nice smelling house when you come back, it is also the most dangerous thing you can do. It is important to make it a habit to put out any burnt candles before making your way out of the house. 


Keep your candles away from the furniture, beddings, carpets, curtains, etc., as there is a fear of them catching on fire. If you wish to burn candles, do so in your presence and where you can monitor them. 

Install Smoke Detectors

It is one of the wisest investments you can make in your home. It is equipment that can notify you timely regarding any risk of a house fire and possibly prevent it from rising. It is essential to get them mounted in all housing areas to ensure maximum protection from a fire outbreak. However, keep them away from the kitchen area, leading to the smoke detector buzzing every day. Ensure that these are working fine now and then so that they are good to go when you leave. 


Fire Damage Restoration

In case of a fire, 911 Restoration experts use specialized equipment and tools to ensure that fire, water, and smoke particles have soaked deep into surfaces, particularly the drywall, upholstery, furniture, curtains, etc., carpets, are removed. Our well-trained certified professionals with the latest equipment and up-to-date technology will clean the damaged area for a faster and more predictable result. If a fire breaks out, the correct way to deal with the situation is to call a fire damage restoration. 

We are available to execute the services as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the results and can resume your life the way it was. Give 911 Restoration of Northwest Arkansas a call for all your fire restoration, needs, smoke removal, or when you simply need some advice from experts.

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