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Importance of Boarding up Damaged Buildings – Why Do It?

Published by Allegra on August 31, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

911 Restoration Board Up ServicesInstead of leaving your home or commercial building vulnerable, it’s crucial to invest in board-up services until you can get the property fully repaired and restored.

No matter the cause, board-up services can help prevent further damage, stabilize the structure, and prevent instances of vandalism and theft. Read on to learn more about board-up services and why boarding up damaged buildings is essential for safety and security.

What Are Board-up Services?

Windows and doors are vulnerable entry points into your home or commercial building. They’re easy to break into and one of the first sites people secure when storm-proofing their properties. Windows and doors can be damaged for several reasons. No matter the reason, they pose a security threat and leave a home or building vulnerable to the elements and theft and other crime.

To prevent this, you can invest in boarding-up services. Restoration services like 911 Restoration of Northwest Arkansas can respond to emergency calls and come to your building to secure it from further damage. This consists of measuring the windows and doors, cutting out plywood or other materials to fit the measurements, and securing them to the doors and windows.

Why Damaged Buildings Should Be Boarded Up

Damaged buildings should be boarded up to prevent further damage to the structure or the building’s interior. The following are some of the most important reasons for using board-up services.

Protection from Storms

Storms can cause thousands of dollars in damage, with tropical storms like hurricanes causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), 2020 included 22 different weather and climate events that cost a total of $95 billion in damages. Of these, 13 disasters were severe storms, and 7 were tropical cyclones.

Hurricanes and severe storms cause both water and wind damage, significantly impact ingresidential and commercial properties. Since windows and doors are some of the most vulnerable parts of houses and buildings, board-up services can prevent wind damage, smashed windows, and the resulting water damage that can devastate homes. While this can be used as a preventive measure, it is often also used for buildings already weak or damaged.

Preventing Further Damage

Whether it’s storm damage or damage from vehicular accidents, some buildings are already in very poor condition. In case of disasters, repair services may not be available immediately. In other cases, people simply don’t have the money for repairs and need to save up.

Leaving the damaged building alone can result in further damage from the elements. Gusts of winds can damage the building further, and rainfall can cause irreparable water damage. To prevent this, people opt to invest in board-up services to keep their properties secure.

Theft and Looting

Buildings with smashed windows and no reinforcements often invite looters and thieves since they’re not secured. Boarding up is an affordable service that keeps homes and commercial buildings safe from this criminal activity.

Damage from Animals

Most of the time, when we think of preventing damage to the building, it is people that come to mind. However, animals can also wreak havoc and squeeze in through the smallest places and make their way inside buildings. Board-up services thoroughly secure your property and keep it safe from animals since they can damage your belongings, track in dirt, and even leave behind urine and feces.

Long Vacancies

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many to close their doors for extended periods. Board-up services can help in cases like these or when people close up their homes and commercial buildings for long periods. Boarding up buildings keeps them safe from vandals and squatters.

Vandalism and Arson

Unfortunately, vandalism and arson are all too common in the U.S. Damaged buildings that aren’t properly secured can fall victim to vandals who can do everything from break objects and spray-paint walls to start fires and put others’ lives at risk.

Retaining Insurance Coverage

Another important reason to board-up damaged buildings is to retain your insurance coverage. While your insurance may cover damage caused by storms or other disasters, it can deny your claim if you don’t take proper preventive actions following a disaster. Boarding up your windows and doors ensures that your property is protected and shows your insurance provider that you took adequate measures to secure your property.

911 Restoration of Northwest Arkansas

No matter how many precautions you take or how much you reinforce your home, there is some damage that cannot be prevented. Severe storms, for example, cause damage to even the most fortified of homes. However, when this happens, it’s important to look at the big picture. Instead of letting the damage sit, you must take action to prevent further damage.

If you’re in Northwest Arkansas or surrounding areas, you can call the team at  911 Restoration of Northwest Arkansas for comprehensive disaster restoration services. These include everything from emergency board-up services to water damage mitigation and restoration and even mold removal.

We understand that storms and other disasters can affect everyone, so our services aren’t just limited to residential properties. 911 Restoration also takes care of your commercial restoration needs. No matter the problem, our IICRC-certified technicians can help. Since we’re available 24/7, we’re always there to deal with all emergency calls and show up to your property within 45 minutes.

If the worst has happened and you’re in need of disaster restoration or other services, simply call us at (479) 223-5148 or reach out to us here.

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